A few words from the master artist Ricardo Kort.

By Ricardo Kort:

In an interview for the main newspaper of Caracas El Universal , he expresses:

“We live in a changing world which transforms in a vertiginous way, step by step, day by day, year by year. It is a state that each of us perceives; for me this manifests itself in a wish to participate in the revolution of pictorial values, only leaning lightly on the conservative school. I remain with the figurative. I advocate for the austere and sober narrative.”

For the artist Ricardo Kort, most important is the plastic fulfillment which constitutes the first moment that the observer receives the impact of a painting. Be it positive or not, because the opinion comes later, there exists a subjective introversion; this means that primarily humane nature tends to satisfy its emotional needs, and even when they are of a spiritual aspect as it is the case, generally when facing an external stimulus we say “ this I like” or “this I do not like” and from there we part in search of the objective, to combine it with the rational and thus arrive to a conclusion.

His vast painting work corresponds to several epochs, most of them figurative, but gaining more and more the conquest of the application of colors.

He was born in Vienna, Austria. He lived in Venezuela (1945-1999) and then retired to Guadalajara, Mexico- after the massive mudslides destroyed part of his beloved Camurí Grande Club. There he continued with authentic fervor his occupation as painter, an authentic artist in search of the utmost simplicity in order to achieve a plastic purity in his own style.